Designed by natures beauty.

Nestled in the heart of Frisco, Texas lies Firefly Park - a truly inspiring development that embodies the vision of Wilks Development. The company's dedication to creating an innovative and unique mixed-use community that is both sustainable and accessible to all is evident in every aspect of the overall development.
The inspiration for Firefly Park arose from the captivating beauty of the land it graces. Driven by the desire to gift Frisco, Texas residents with a haven to relish the natural splendor of the state, Wilks Development drew upon the landscape to fuel their vision for the remarkable 45-acre park at the core of the development. To set Firefly Park apart from other mixed-use projects, Wilks joined forces with Amsterdam’s UNStudio, renowned for their deep understanding of human-centric European cities, and Sasaki, a Boston-based award-winning leader in crafting genuine and inspiring landscapes. Together, they harnessed their expertise in designing mixed-use communities, fostering healthy and equitable spaces while preserving and celebrating nature to create a truly exceptional experience.
As they began to design the park, the company took a deep dive into the history and ecology of the area to ensure that they could preserve and celebrate its unique qualities.
The result is a 45-acre park that is the jewel of Firefly Park. With family-friendly playgrounds, winding trails, beautiful ponds with fountains, and viewing decks, the park is the perfect place for residents and visitors alike to relax and enjoy the beautiful Texas landscape. The park will even include an iconic Wedding Chapel and Event Space, surrounded by water and amazing views, a perfect place for intimate moments, inspiration, and positivity.
For Wilks Development, creating this Firefly Park is more than just a design decision, it is a commitment to the community. Firefly Park will serve as a gathering place for families and friends, a destination for community events, and a place of peace and tranquility for all who visit.